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Gotechnical Ground Investigation at Burtonwood

Tuesday, 18 March 2014 09:18

We were contracted to drill 8 x 10 metre bore holes for a geotechnical ground investigation at a site in Burtonwood, Omega 7 for Geotechnics Ltd Chester.

The site conditions were difficult due to wet weather causing boggy ground. We overcame this by using our Unimog 1300L complete with a loading crane. All the heavy drilling tools were transported around on the Unimog, then lifted into place by the loading crane. This allowed us to setup the Dando 2000 cable percussive drill rig for drilling the core samples.

Because the site was formerly used as World War Two American air base, each bore hole location was scanned for unexploded bombs and shells as well as for services. This required a hand-dug pit of 1.20 metres prior to drilling.

The drilling and sampling took 1 week to complete and the client was more than happy with the performance of the Unimog and drilling crews rate of progress.