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Water Monitoring Wells around a landfill site Cearnafon

Tuesday, 06 May 2014 10:36

Ph Drilling were contracted by Geotechnics of Chester to drill 2 bore holes for water monitoring wells around a landfill site Near Cearnafon North Wales.

We were informed that the drilling condition would be difficult as previous drilling contractors failed to reach rock head with a 115 Odex drilling system. With this in mind and knowledge of the area, Ph drilling used a FF 168 casing system with a cop 54 DTH drilled to rock head 10.5 metres then 5 metres into rock. when total depth was achieved 2 pipes were required, a 19mm piezometer sealed into bedrock and a 50mm standpipe, in the superficials and sealed 1 metre to surface to monitor water around the landfill.