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Wylfa Newydd Detailed Onshore Ground Investigation works

Monday, 26 January 2015 10:36
Dailotometer Dailotometer

Structural Soils engaged us on a sub-contract basis to work on the Wylfa Newydd Detailed Onshore Ground Investigation works, located on the north coast of Anglesey.

Packer testingThe contract was for Horizon Nuclear Power Wylfa Ltd Supervised by Atkins Consulting Engineers, who were resident engineers on site Paul Havard Drilling was first used for insitu testing, such as high pressure dailotometer used to test rock strengths at various depths in bore holes were the supervising engineers requested more information after studying the core samples and optical logs.

Paul Havard Drilling was also used on hydro and packer testing; these tests are performed to gather information on the ground water movements and rock permeability that aid the build up of the hydro-geological model for the site.

rotary corePaul Havard Drilling was also tasked to carry out vertical rotary core drilling ahead of the hydro and packer testing teams producing continuous core samples of the bed rock. The holes where then flushed clean ready for the optical logging process, hydro and packer tests.

Paul Havard Drilling was asked to drill limited access angle holes within a wooded area of the site with some thought and a few adaptions to the drill rig. Paul Havard Drilling was only too happy to take on the angle holes.

These holes were drilled at 55 degrees using a recirculated water flush to avoid any
environmental issues in the wood.


"PH Drilling were used on site as an additional drilling resource. It quickly became apparent that their range of equipment, flexibility experience and capability made an invaluable resource in not only drilling, but insitu testing bore hole installations and other peripheral site activities.


We would most definitely use PH Drilling in the future."


Adrian Barby-Moule
Structural soils limited
Site Director

angle hole woods The fox was a regular visitor while drilling in the woods was ongoing
  The fox was a regular visitor whilst drilling in the woods